First time an UNKNOWING, Second time EDUCATIONAL, Third time WISDOM. Welcome to the Mixtape Ya Ukweli Vol. 3 (MYU3). This mixtape is a final installment to Wakazi’s MYU series, I guess that’s why he called it Welcome to Heartbreak and it’s a testament that the self-proclaimed Bilingual Beast has grown musically comparing to his 1st & his 2ndeffort.
Wakazi never disappoints lyrically, as Biggie said lyrically inclined, every bar got to be listened twice or thrice to get the meaning of those complex yet witty punchlines as well as double entrendes.It’s a bit complicated to choose 5 top notch tracks in a mixtape with18 tracks. But the 9 tracks that should be on the lookout are:

2. Heartbreak 4. I’m A Force 5. Tolwa Anakula Gizani (USTADI) 9.Kanuni Za Hela 11. Mbeba Box 12. To Your Heart 14. Verses 15.Excalibur 17. Enigma You might ask yourself why I have chosen those 9 tracks out of 18. As I fore said Wakazi has grown musically, so you’ll hear Wakazi doing melodies here and there, a bit soulful and the rest of tracks just lyrical massacre from alpha to omega.

I know a lot of old school Jay Z fans will bump this, as it takes them back in those Reasonable Doubt days, but remember this is Wakazi’s show and the boy did justice to the beat. It’s that second track on a tape that will get your head bopping and
probably crack a smile. Plus don’t play this in your laptop those speakers water music down so fix the speakers and enjoy the show.

I’m A Force
MYU3 Wakazi tried to balance and satisfy his fans both ways. There are those like I, we love that boom bap ish and those who are into what get the most of airplay on the media. Wakazi wears Meek Mill’s face on this and lace that I’m A Boss instrumental. Oh! “Fuck DJ Khaled cause We Are The Best”. Place that in your car and bump it to the max.

Tolwa Anakula Gizani (USTADI)
This deserved to be called USTADI all the way. The inside rhyming technique and the energy invested will get you stuck and wondering is this a dart to One The Incredible? or Wakazi just showing his emceeing skills. Wakazi Wa Vina goes like “50 Men or G Unit won’t be enough/ I suggest you do just like Harlem and Double Up”.  You can replay it though, it’s not against the hip hop laws, haha!

Kanuni Za Hela
The Dracula version of 10 Crack Commandments. All y’all hustlers out there take a pen and a pad and jot down how to make and use money. Remember though “Pesa sio furaha ya maisha/ ila ni nyenzo muhimu maisha kurahisisha” – Swagga Bovu

Mbeba Box
This is where the heart is poured out “Get rich or get deported trying nigga, that’s the Motto”. I personally like this track, from the story line, the fact that he decided to lace his chorus and the beat he chose blended well with his lyricism. It’s a motivation to a lot of those living abroad to just go ahead and get it, get it by any means necessary. Each and every day
hustle, hustle hard.

To Your Heart
When I heard this joint at first I was like now we see the other soulful side of Wakazi, to those crate diggers they probably know the original track by Heart a song called What About Love and truth be told Wakazi did his thing on his. I’m sure a lot of female fans will be playing this a lot; it got that smooth side of Wakazi.

That grimy hip hop. A lot of emcees have tried to lay bars on this classic Havoc beat, I guess y’all know but Wakazi’s version got to give you chills, it’s by far undeniably one of the best version of Hell on Earth. All y’all emcees out there should be somewhere hiding right now. Wakazi claims he wrote the verses back in 98/99, you know the golden era influence. You got to anoint the kid is a bilingual beast. Give credit where credit is due.

“Drop 16 fuck it drop 8 more, Jack Bauer of rap cause the sum is 24”. Welcome to the serious lyrical marathon; let your brain do the jogging while he’s taking you to the lyrical route. Lyrics sharp as mythical sword of King Arthur; now you know why he called it Excalibur.

It’s one of my best cut in the entire tape. If I am not mistaken it was for the Don Jazzy competition. I didn’t get a chance to hear other rappers but with this I was my thirst already quenched. The Wisdom dropped and the flow is totally out this planet. It’s a cut that you got to listen carefully.

I cannot wrap it up without mentioning MSIBA (OTIS Version), I am sure most of y’all have heard the joint, nothing left to be said as everything is self-explanatory. Very well executed mixtape, it proves Wakazi is ready to release his debut, I hope we don’t have to wait for long now. On a scale of 1 to 5 Mics. Mixtape Ya Ukweli Vol 3 (Welcome to Heartbreak) is a 4.5 Mics

Reviewed by @dannytheson

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