The Convocation Executive Committee of The University of Teofilo Kisanji (TEKU) requests the attendance of all TEKU Convocation Members to the annual Convocation on 2nd November 2012 at the TEKU Hall, on the main campus of TEKU University in Mbeya, at 9.30 am.

This year the Convocation will proudly host Dr. Johnson Ishengoma of The University of Dar-Es-Salaam, as keynote speaker. Dr. Johnson Ishengoma will address the Convocation on the theme of The Challenges of Financing Higher Education in Tanzania –with special attention to the problems and issues of private Universities in Tanzania.

Dr. Johnson Ishengoma is a Senior Lecturer and the Head of Department, Educational Foundations, Management and Lifelong Learning, School of Education at University of Dar-Es-Salaam and he has written and researched extensively on the questions of education and higher learning finance. Some of his research interests are: Higher Education in Africa, Higher Education Financing and Quality Assurance and Control in Education. His published work includes: Ishengoma, Johnson M (2007a) Access and Equity in Higher Education: Assessing Financing Policies-A Comparative Study of Seven African Countries. Tanzania Report, Report submitted to the Sizanang Research and Development Center, Pretoria, South Africa; PhD Dissertation:  “Cost Sharing and Participation in Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa:  The Case of Tanzania.”; Ishengoma,  Johnson, PhD Dissertation:  “Cost Sharing and Participation in Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa:  The Case of Tanzania.” Some of his articles available on the web and online are Ishengoma, Johnson M (November 24 2011) “North-South Partnerships Are Not the Answer,”  http://www.scidev.nt/en/science-and-innovation-policy/opinions/north-south-partnerships-are-not-the-answer-1.html# (Science and Development Network); Ishengoma, Johnson M (2003) (First Quarter) “The Myths and Realities of Higher Education Globalization: A View from the Southern Hemisphere,”  Ishengoma, Johnson M (2002a) “Financing Higher Education in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Trends, Developments and Challenges Ahead,” ; Ishengoma, Johnson M (2002b) “Towards the Termination of Foreign Aid in Sub Saharan Africa: A Proposal and Reflections from an African Perspective,”  

All senior management and permanent academic staff, members of The University Council, all graduates and diplomates and graduate, diploma and certificate course students and those awarded honorary degrees by Teofilo Kisanji University and retired academic employees are most welcome to attend this Convocation. Your attendance and participation will be highly appreciated. 

Mpeli Nsekela


Teofilo Kisanji University Convocation

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