On The Sporah Show today we are privileged to have Stars from Tanzania not only one but three all on one seat Mr Blue, Sultan King and the beautiful Naj.
Guess what i started my interview with Mr Blue and Naj on ONE set, i mean one seat next to each other. 
And this is how we started.
We Talked About Their Relationship As Boyfriend And Girlfriend..! It Wasn't an easy question as i thought..! So this is what happend


You go on... You go on... You go on.. You go on...!
We started off as friends and we're getting a little bit closer and closer and closer and..... "She said"
Then what happened?
We're just COOL like that...! Sporah..! 

Yees, We are cool.

Then We Talked About They're Music Career
I have been so quite YES.! but now am back.
I was quite too, busy with school but all done.  Now am getting back to work so you will hear from me soon. "Naj Said"
Any Chance Of Mr Blue And Naj Hitting The Studio Together, For A New Collaboration.
 We already have the song Sporah soon you will hear it.
Sporah: Good
And trust me Sporah its gonna be A HUGE TUNE..! 
We Talked About Artist Using Social Network.!
Blue and Naj, are not soo into social network! WHAT!

Am just lazy Sporah, but am getting there.!
Am doing my best to keep up with my fans.

Sultan King told us about Music industry in Zanzibar-Tanzania.
We Laughed Our Heads Off, It Was So Much Fun
Random Pictures



Thank so much guys it was a day to remember.

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